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The items I bought were not delivered (Google Play)



  • Susan Beris

    I bought gems for $4.99 and $1.99 and never received the gems. Please put on the game for me ty 

  • Imba Support

    Please send your infomation to

  • Toni Peters

    I broughy gem for 4.99 for 1,050 and it was recieved.

  • Toni Peters

    I still never recieved my gem that i paid 4.99 for 1,050 gems .im not spending no more money on this game and i will encourage people on google pay NOT to BUY as well .An i will rate game as poo. I been waiting three days now.

  • xolovesme 989

    I made purchased last day for 1050 gems but still didnt reveive it

  • hazel evangelista

    I made a purchase amounting 100 php, but still not receiving the items.
    Below is the confirmation message. "Thank you for purchasing OneSoft Studio - Special Offer - Gem Pack (Kawaii Home Design - Decor & Fashion Game)! 112.00 PHP was deducted from your airtime load or billed on your postpaid account."

  • Nda Gimbus

    Please help, i purchase 500 gems, but i dont receive 😭

  • Sarah Crowley

    I sent a ticket in a few days ago and got no response. I just emailed you at . Can someone respond to me please? I would really like the items in the game before the event ends.

  • Rusagi kucho

    Please Help I purchased "Hard Working Stylist worth 100php" "Novice Pack worth 100php" but because of error of connection it wasn't received kindly please send me the items that I purchased.

  • Queelpgm

    I purchased the membership, but there I don't seem to receive my daily gifts. I have sent an email, but no response yet. Could see what is going on? Thanks


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